What do millionaire traders know about moving averages, risk, return, and freedom that 99% of traders don't?

Go inside my advanced moving averages system — What I look for, what I don't trade, how I protect myself, and what I trade … and how these changed as I got more advanced.

It's time to discover "what's in the cards."

I checked all the boxes
 I do not know how to use Moving Averages
 I have tried other systems and failed
 I have tried basic moving average courses, but want to get also more advanced knowledge
"So why do I feel like I'm missing something?"
 I have not been mentored correctly
 Still do not know how profitable moving average traders are making their money
 How do winning hedge funds use moving averages in their favour.
"What's next?"

 I can't talk about this with friends and family — they have no idea

 What, another fake guru? Do I even need that?

 I'm ready for more

Hi, I am Atanas Matov, The Amazon's Best Selling Author Of The Ultimate Price Action Guide and Founder of

In 2019, I wrote the book on trading. It immediately soared to the #1 book on all of Amazon, sold out within hours, and became an instant best-seller. And since then I have .

This book:

My Amazon best-selling book on trading price action

This is the book that introduced a generation to a completely new way to look at price action trading — introducing prop trading approach to trading, free of indicators and applicable on all timeframes.

Since then I've been called a "Price Action Wizard" by the trading community and the book itself was called "The Bible Of Price Action Trading" by its readers:

I have also been featured on all of the following trading websites and more:

The press is nice, but most importantly, I've helped tens of thousands of people take control of their trading, learn brand new strategies, gain confidence and give themselves an entirely new outlook on profitable trading.

Hearing from happy, successful students is one of the best parts of my day.

I'm proud that my book has become a cornerstone on the fundamentals of price action trading.

But what do you do once you've mastered the fundamentals or price action trading?

What do you do once you're a consistent price action trader, you’ve put your swing trading somehow on an autopilot, you are comfortable with where you are, but still eager to continue learning and expand your knowledge coffer of trading strategies?

I started to hear from more and more people who’d already covered this chapter and were left wondering:

“What’s next?”

These people were usually earning very good incomes and had healthy trading habits. Telling them “Cut your losers fast” was irrelevant. So was “let your winners run.” They’d already done that and still had money left over to place in a different type of strategy.

What's that? What’s next? What are people at the next level of trading— and the level after that — doing?

These were the same questions I’d had to tackle myself as my net worth grew. Where should I be looking to invest now? How were other people in my situation handling risk? And did they add more trading strategies to their basket of strategies?

I knew there was more to trading than just price action trading.

And now I want to share that with you.

Let me tell you what I learned about trading with moving averages.

The NEW rules of Mastering Moving Averages

Here's a lesson you don't learn in Moving Averages 101:


The wealthy are playing a financial game that most people don't even know about. This can be uncomfortable, confusing, and even scary — but also exciting if you know the rules. The stakes are higher, but so are the rewards.

However, no one is talking about this!

Judging by the financial advice online, everyone else is making millions trading FOREX, Crypto or the Stock Market. You see everywhere advertisements of traders who retire at 30 (for another 50 years of hobbies like going for walks and visiting the local museum on free days).

That's not the life I want to live.

If you’re successful, you can't talk about it with your friends or family. Best case scenario, they think you're whining. "Must be nice to have problems like that." Worst case scenario, you start seeing odd displays of jealousy and anger. Expecting you to pick up the check every time. Grumbling when you take another vacation. Or asking you to invest in a hare-brained scheme.

Who can you talk to?

Where do you turn to for new information?

How do you stack up against other people like yourself?

You've already maxed out your trading account — congratulations on your success, btw — but what do you do then? How do you diversify your portfolio and achieve bigger goals than 99% of everyone else?

As your net worth grows, some of the financial tactics you were using stop making sense. Beliefs that helped you when you first started are now holding you back.

 "Save, save, save!" …but what happens when you've already saved enough? What, just “save more”? How much is enough?

 "Automate your finances and move on" … but how do you automate trading when it is constantly evolving? Things are getting complicated…

 "No one cares about my money as much as me" …but you keep running into financial questions you don't have the answers to. Who do you turn to? Commission-based brokers who masquerade as “advisors”?

 "Just focus on index investing" …which you're doing, but you keep hearing about things other people are doing, like real estate and cryptocurrency. You have a lot of extra cash. What else should you be doing with it?

 "If I just save enough money, I won't have to worry anymore" …but the great irony is that you still worry even though you've saved a lot. What would it feel like to take that one worry you have — money — and have it vanish?

If you want to master the level you're at now, you have to reconsider each of these beliefs.

You made it this far because you worked hard, you stayed disciplined, you didn't listen to get-rich-quick schemes, and you followed a proven system. You've already won.

The next step is learning how to diversify, keep growing, and enjoy the freedom you've earned.

Are you ready
for Moving Average Secrets?

The first requirement for building your own Moving Average System is taking care of the fundamentals of trading with moving averages. These are the basics of trading with moving averages

1) Different types of moving averages
2) Moving average crossovers
3) Combining moving averages with other trading tools
4) Advanced Moving Average Strategies

But if you have no previous experience or knowledge about these, how do you know if you're ready for the Moving Average Secrets course?

If you said "That's me!" to any more than three of these, it’s time.


Get my Moving Average Secrets and find out what millionaire traders know about moving averages, risk, return, and freedom that 99% of people don't.

The Moving Average Secrets is a brand new online course that gives you an insider's look at how professional traders are using moving averages to their advantage. 

This involves from basic to advanced parts — we focus on the questions, challenges, and opportunities unique to traders who have already made the mistakes, learnt the basics and want to know "What's next?"

This is efficient — we've condensed everything into 12 detailed lessons. Take it at your own pace and revisit whenever you want.

This is practical — we've included a manual, videos and trading examples to make it easy to apply what you'll learn to your own trading business.

Moving Average Secrets will show you how the rules change as your net worth grows — and how to keep winning.

Go inside
Moving Average Secrets 


What do elite traders know about trading with moving averages that others don't?

What do they care about? What do they do differently? And most importantly, how do they do it?

How to Master Trading with Moving Averages takes you inside my own personal way of looking at it…

 How I use a Moving Averages to read the market — stress-free — without losing control.

 The psychological changes of managing money at advanced levels, including how I think differently about risk, return, and optimisation

 Advanced Moving Average techniques

 See my exact asset allocation, the exact ratios I use, and most important, the strategy behind WHY I organise my investments this way

 The red flags to watch out for when placing a trade — don't ignore these

 How much you could expect on an average trade (don't expect more than this!)

 The 3 most common invisible obstacles that hinder retail traders to reach their goals

 How to “lean into” where you want to spend more — whether it’s risk management, strategy, timeframe, potential returns, or FOMO. Including detailed examples

 Why the key levers of the Professional Trader Mindset are the keys to advanced trading techniques

And that's just a sample of the insights packed into this course.

If you're ready to make the leap into Moving Average Secrets, you'll learn what to do, when to do it, why it's important, and how to actually make it happen.

That's not all, though. I've also packed the course with a whole slew of useful tips, tools, and guidelines to make shifting into understanding moving averages easy and clear.

This course is not for everyone

If you have credit card debt, you shouldn't join. Sorry, your first duty is to pay it off. You will not be allowed in until you do, and if I find out you joined with CC debt, I will ban you from ever purchasing any of my products again. This rule has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last couple of years, but it's the right thing to do. I'm not interested in opening this course to everyone — just the right people.

If you're a frugality zealot, this isn't for you.

If you're looking for a holy grail strategy that makes money every single day, this isn't for you.

But if you are an ambitions individual who wants to know "what's next?" this course is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
How is Moving Average Secrets different than other blogs or moving average trading courses?

Other blogs gives you the fundamentals of moving averages: how to read them, incorporating psychology into moving averages, interpretation, no-nonsense moving average strategies, and a whole lot more.

Moving Average Secrets shows you what comes next. You'll learn how millionaire traders think about and manage their money with moving averages.

This is a mixture of basic and advanced material that other blogs and courses don't cover for 2 primary reasons:

   1. Most wealthy traders are not sharing this material because they’re focused on growing what got them wealthy — their trading activities. (Because my business is one half professional trading and one half education, this makes perfect sense for me to share.)

   2. Because this material only applies to a small fraction of traders. Most traders, by definition, never reach an advanced level. That’s why so much personal finance material is aimed at the masses trying to save $10 on coffee. Advanced represents a very, very small portion of the market — and typically those are some very high-priced ticket courses. The aim of this course is to reach more traders at a very affordable price.
Do I need any experience at all?
All you need is the desire to learn! I will provide you with the rest step-by-step.
Is the course for beginner or advanced traders?
Both. I am explaining all the basic concepts in the beginning of the course. Gradually I am moving towards more complex concepts. But in all of my materials beginners, as well as, advanced traders will benefit. 

How long does this course take?

The course is a short course, which means you can cover it for a weekend. You have lifetime access to the material. In the course, we show you the key actions to take now and we are trying to cut all the fluff. This course will become a lifetime companion that we believe you’ll revisit for years as hopefully your personal finances will grow and you reach new levels of success.
Are there any other costs hidden costs?

None. The only cost to you will be charged is $97 per month for 2 months or a one time fee of $143 (which gives you a nice $51 discount). If you choose the monthly installments plan, you will be billed two times only. There are no hidden risks or anything you will not be able to get out of. 
What instruments does the course work with?
Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks (Futures and Cfds)
Your Path to Moving Average Secrets

Last question:

Is this the only way to learn how to win the game of trading with Moving Averages?

No, of course not.

I've already walked you through the long process I went through to discover all the hidden ins-and-outs of Moving Average Secrets.

You could do the same:

 Spend over a decade and a half studying and teaching trading

 Create a leading trading website and gain massive following on Twitter and increase your network immensely

 Leverage that success to gain access to other professional traders on Twitter (and not only) not available to the general public

 Trade for almost two decades to learn how to separate the good from the bad trades

 Build and optimise a system that gets all of these pieces working together, seamlessly

I listed all of that out to impress upon you that there is a reason most people don't know how to play — let alone win — the game of trading and trading with Moving Averages is not an exception. It can be a long, complicated, and exclusive road. It's not recommended to DIY. And what you don't know could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions — over your lifetime.

But it doesn't have to be difficult or mysterious anymore.
We've packed a lot into Moving Average Secrets, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your life, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If our Moving Average Secrets doesn't help you uplevel your trading within 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the grunt work, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

Moving Average Secrets will show you how millionaires think about and manage their money — and how you can do the same. And it's 100% risk-free.

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